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What does VIVO?



Vivo means in local language Ewe (Togo) "free child". In Latin Vivo means "I live"


We translate "Vivo", "life and liberty of the children."


Organization Vivo- Togo, a non-profit organization that was founded in Recklinghausen of Africans and Germans in 1991. The partner NGO vivo Togo, Togo officially recognized and registered in the register. Vivo -Togo, was founded there in 1994 and recognized as an NGO (Non-Govenrnental- organization). The partner organization serves the bilateral cooperation.  

NGO Vivo -Togo  supports a project to help children, the children and young people through proper care and education and training should open a hopeful future.

Our projects we finance in part by regular donations from our members. Again and again donate individuals, institutions and companies. In addition, we organize events such as cultural events, lectures in clubs and schools.

We have an official sponsor school. It is the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer School in Recklinghausen, what great support from sponsors runs.

For larger amounts, we have been able to win the support of well-known charities, such as the moments eV and the Association of Image charity "Ein Herz für Kinder". With their support, we are able to build and equip our training workshops! Thank you once again for that! 

We appreciate all the support, because it makes the lives of children in Game again a bit more livable. The donations are tax deductible.





Life and liberty of the children in Togo


Poverty in Africa, the disease and the anguish have many faces. Especially the children suffer from the conditions of daily life. Many people in the world face the problem child Nr. 1. Has poverty in Africa developed on its own destiny or is it created by man and wanted and influences from the outside? This question occupied me for a long time and has caused me to be myself initiative. Because only the initiative can be the answer to the question of a future orientation of the African continent with its social tensions and political conflicts, the aberration our ancestors could not have imagined. The hopeful announcement of the World Food Conference 50 years ago that no child will go to bed hungry within 30 years, has not fulfilled the contrary, the extreme poverty in Africa combined with perplexity is spreading. The number of starving and dying of hunger prerequisite for future development.

From this insight and the heart's desire to project the children's village in Togo VIVO / Game (West Africa) has been launched, a small contribution to also reduce the rural exodus there and fight poverty. We appreciate all the support and every fellow that connects the fate of children in Togo with his own destiny: to share links across the people across borders, than all men together form a large interdependent community of fate.



Robert Koami Dougban
Initiator Kinderdorf VIVO in Togo e. V. Recklinghausen

Bürgerpreisträger 2000 Kreis-Recklinghausen




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 "There is nothing good unless one does it" Erich Kästner wrote, and he was right, we see the example of "Children's Village VIVO". With heart and hand, small sums and commitment a little miracle is there arose in Togo. There have dreamed and created people from Recklinghausen, African and German hand and hand. Their goal was and is to give children of GameTTogo a future. That is exactly: School and education in a youth village with individual guidance and support. I support the project by VIVO for years and with all my heart, because I think that just the help of man is particularly promising to person. All who read this, I can only encourage you to join in, with ideas, with donations, with the help of a practical nature.


Namely, there is still something good! Your Ferdinand Zerbst Ex-Deputy Mayor of the City Recklinghausen




Our goals and content can be found here summarized in VIVO our brochure.


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