Help arrives!




The most common question for donors is: If the donation also correctly?


Why your donation is well received by us.


- We are a small manageable association with volunteer members of the association, which deals responsibly with the resources available.


- Administrative costs are low. For example, the letters, envelopes, telephone costs


- We ensure before place the executed projects and funds spent


- We guarantee that your donations to 100% without any deduction for costs to be forwarded.


- Each year, German Central Institute for Social reference questions expenditure redirected)


- The annual accounts are published





We appreciate all the support, because it makes the lives of children in Game again a bit more livable. The donations are tax deductible.


Also support us. Here is our donation account:


Sparkasse Vest Recklinghausen

Account number: IBAN DE85 42650 00000 44404




If you have questions or would like to support us, please contact us.